With over 30 years of Wrestling/Training experience, Wrestling Academy of Reno has successfully trained and trained with many of today's Independent and Mainstream talents. (Access our Testimonial Page for breakdown). Our Academy promises the instruction in the Art of Professional Wrestling, with emphasis on:


  • Actual in ring performance

  • Work with microphone skills e.g. interviews, promos etc...

  • Referee training

  • Manager/Valet training

  • Available Cardio, fitness and strength training

  • MMA instruction available on site with our partnered facility,
    High Sierra Martial Arts

Our in house talent will be able to get matches in the region with Independent Wrestling outfits as their wrestling progresses. Ultimately, W.A.R. graduates will have an advantage with going to the "Big Time Feds". W.A.R. will be doing shows locally, beginning in 2019. All of our students will have a shot at performing on those shows. Progress will be determined on an individual basis. 

If you believe that you have what it takes to be Professional Wrestling's next superstar, take 2 weeks free trial to see if the WAR Room is for you. If so, monthly dues are $100 per month for 36 months. After that, you will have the chance to graduate and pursue your dream.


W.A.R. Head Trainer, Brian Scott

brings 30 years of experience to the War Room. The former WWF talent has been in the ring with countless wrestling icons.

Brian has been instrumental in the development of wrestling

superstars all across nation including...

  • Brutal Bob Evans (ROH Wrestling Academy trainer)

  • The Reno Scum (Former Impact Wrestling stars)

  • Knuckles Nelson (New England wrestling legend)

  • El Chupacabra (West Coast wrestling star)

  • Paul Isadora (West Coast wrestling star)

  • Tenacious Tim Anderson (Brazilian wrestling star)


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